Erb’s Palsy: A Birth Injury That Should No Longer Happen

The day your child is born should be a joyous day, full of celebration and happiness. What happens, however, when the doctor brings you your baby and tells you something is wrong? What happens when the doctor explains that it was nothing you did that left your baby injured, possibly for the rest of his or her life? Many New Jersey child custody lawyers and parents don’t know that there are attorneys who specialize in this type of legal field and they can provide a wealth of knowledge on what steps to take to hold responsible the medical staff who caused your child’s birth injury.

Late last month there was an awareness week for a somewhat rare birth injury:¬†Erb’s palsy. This condition, also known as brachial plexus, happens during traumatic births. Oftentimes a doctor will injure the bundle of nerves in an infant’s shoulder, paralyzing or severely limiting the child’s arm’s mobility.

One of the most common reasons for Erb’s palsy is when an infant is stuck in the birth canal. When a doctor knows or can safely estimate a baby’s size, it may be better for the woman’s and the child’s health to deliver the child through a cesarean section rather than a vaginal birth. If doctors know that delivering a large infant will expose him or her to such a life-changing injury, it could be reckless to not suggest a C-section.

Children with brachial plexus may never be able to use the arms affected by the birth injuries. Many will have a lifetime of physical therapy to try and get their arms to have limited mobility. What is clear, however, is that there will be considerable medical bills and a life changed because of a preventable birth injury.