Labor Relations and Personal Injury

Labor Relations

  • Represent clients before courts and agencies in actions under the National Labor Relations Act, the Labor Management Relations Act, the Norris-LaGuardia Act, and the Railway Labor Act, including unfair labor practice cases, labor injunctions, �1 and �3 suits, and the full range of arbitration cases arising under collective bargaining agreements.
  • Handle union representation cases of all types before the National Labor Relations Board and state agencies, including initial representation campaigns, decertification campaigns, unit clarification proceedings, and union certification proceedings.
  • Provide proactive and practical labor relations counseling for both union and non-union employers.
  • Possess sophisticated knowledge of the workings of major national and international unions throughout the country.
  • Represent employers in connection with collective bargaining negotiations, contract administration, and grievance resolution.
  • Setareh injury law firm helps clients with personal injury related issues and concerns.
  • Counsel clients regarding their labor contract compliance obligations and help them to resolve labor grievances through the arbitration process.
  • Help buyers in corporate transactions to avoid successorship liability and multiemployer pension plan withdrawal liability, including developing proper means for buyers to avoid assuming collective bargaining agreements as successors, or, alternatively, assist buyers in initial negotiations to achieve concessions where appropriate.