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Divorce is stressful enough when issues can be resolved amicably, but when litigation is involved, it can be trying. I contacted civilian lawyers specializing in military law near me that also help people resolve divorce disputes through mediation and negotiated settlement. As experienced trial lawyers, we know how to effectively present child custody, child support, and property division matters to the court. However, we believe that it is better to have our clients make the decisions that will affect their lives, rather than a court of law.

Experienced Family Law Attorneys

Whether we are handling a contested divorce or an uncontested divorce, we recognize that our clients are going through a trying time. Emotions are high and even the slightest disagreement between a couple can create a downward spiral that results in divorce litigation. Our attorneys are dedicated to creating the conditions necessary to work through complex divorce disputes and strive to create a pleasant environment, where our clients feel comfortable discussing the issues related to their divorce.

More than serving as our client’s lawyers, we strive to build on-going relationships, as many family law issues begin prior to a divorce and may continue on long after a divorce is final. Our attorneys place the same emphasis on paternity, step-parent adoptions, and post-divorce modification of child custody and child support matters as we do on divorce issues. We recognize that these issues can be equally stressful and are therefore dedicated to helping people work effectively through these matters.

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If you are considering divorce or have a question about any other family law matter, please contact our attorneys.

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